Sara Holstila

I am a lawyer and licensed legal counsel specializing in criminal law and dispute resolution.

I serve clients in a wide range of criminal matters. I have expertise and experience in a wide range of sexual crimes, violent crimes, drug crimes and financial crimes. In the area of financial crimes, I am particularly interested in various types of debtor’s crimes. I have also gained experience in debtor’s crimes after several years of working in bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings in various law firms and in The Office of Bankruptcy Ombudsman. I have therefore also acquired knowledge of legal issues related to insolvency law.

In the field of litigation, I have experience in various disputes concerning children, employment, and contract law, and I am happy to assist in matters such as child custody and access rights and employment law.

I have a Master of Laws degree from the University of Helsinki. In my studies, I have focused on criminal and procedural law. I have also passed the bar examination and have been admitted to practice as licensed trial counsel.

Work experience

The National Prosecution Authority

Fenno Attorneys at Law

The Office of Bankruptcy Ombudsman

Attorney-at-Law Patoila & Wall

Attorney-at-Law Eino Patoila

Publications and theses

Counter-appeal: scope and limits (Master of Laws thesis; graded with the highest rating of 5/5)


Phone: 045 233 3699