Dispute resolution and contractual advisory services

We provide versatile advice to companies and private individuals in matters relating to dispute resolution and contract law.

Extensive expertise in contract law and dispute resolution.

Disagreements or even an outright breach of obligations cannot always be avoided between the contracting parties. Identifying the parties’ interests and expectations in the negotiation phase, having a well-drafted, clear contract and issuing of a timely notification in case of potential defect(s) in contractual performance are essential elements in preventing disputes from arising as well as in preparing for them.

We provide legal advisory services to companies and individuals in relation to drafting and interpretation of agreements. As regards disputes, in most cases, reaching a mutual agreement on the dispute is the best solution for both parties. We act always in a discreet manner with the aim of reaching a settlement, unless it would be in conflict with the best interests of our client – this is rarely the case.

One cannot deny the benefits of a settlement – it saves time and expenses and enables the parties to define the terms. Settling the dispute is possible even during the course of a litigation. Sometimes, there are no grounds for reaching a settlement or it is genuinely against the interests of the client and a ruling on the matter is required. We represent our clients persistently in all phases of the dispute resolution proceedings, from settlement negotiations to litigation or arbitration. We commit to each case and if need be, we can e.g. help finding an expert witness with the help of our network. 

We dedicate all our efforts to defend our clients’ best interests, but always in an honest manner with a respectful and discreet attitude towards the opposing party. A good attorney refrains from feeding the dispute with provocative conduct. If you are looking for a “Pit Bull lawyer”, you should continue looking elsewhere.

Rationality and cost-effectiveness

A good attorney will also bring rational approach to the dispute and helps the client to observe the situation from a more objective
perspective in order to find a suitable and cost-efficient solution that serves the best interests of the client. As regards the client’s position and chances of success in the dispute, we always express our opinion without sugar coating.

We offer advisory and dispute resolution services in following matters, among other:

  • Sale and purchase agreements relating to e.g. real estate, share and business acquisitions, goods and vehicles
  • Consulting agreements and other service agreements
  • Leasing of residential apartments and commercial premises
  • Claiming of various receivables
  • Damage claims
  • Matters between housing companies and shareholders


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